samedi 3 juin 2006

Getting ready for the life style change

My stressed out, sedentary existance of the last few months is coming to an end shortly (in 4 weeks to be precise) so I've decided to try and cushion the shock. I've started running and cycling again to augment my regular trips to the gym. It's been a while since I was on the bike so I decided to cycle the 40-50 mile round trip to the Bath and West Agricultural Show. I new it was hilly crossing the mendips but it's amazing how in a car you just don't notice the hills. Getting there was fine but coming back on an even more hilly route, on an empty stomach and in the hot weather totally goosed me! Had to stop in at Paul and Tracy's en route for sustanance.

The show was a bit disappointing. Was hoping to reasearch pigs, chickens, tractors, tools, etc. But it wasn't much help and the £18 entrance fee was a bit steep. Bumped into celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey - he's taller than I imagined (or perhaps I'm shorter?). Managed to find a waxed jacket for £30 which will do for the winter and save wear and tear on the gortex mountaineering gear which I tend to wear 'cos I haven't got anything else that's waterproof.

3 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

a wax jacket lee..

you old man!

Lee Sharp a dit…

Hey sometimes the original solutions are the best; thornproof, indestructable and you can't beat that waxy smell!

Anonyme a dit…

I bought the old man a new wax jacket last year - he'd worn the previous one for 25 years! As durable as a land Rover - will you be getting one of those too, perhaps a labrador!? On the subject of pigs Lee, If you did have any particular queries then the old man is a breeding professional so could pass on his email any time. Hope you relished your last day, look forward to hearing all about your forth coming adventures. Pleasure working with you.