dimanche 27 août 2006


Got back from the UK too late for shopping and as food supplies are low I thought I'd go for a quick mushroom hunt for supper. Just a few hundred yards from the house the first mushroom I found was an enormous cep. Wow, dinner sorted.

Had a long lay in this morning - well it is Sunday! Then spent the afternoon beginning to put the soil on the roof of the shed...hmmm this will take several days to complete as I can only lift one bucket of soil at at a time up the ladder.

Watercress Anna - hope you have managed to look at the site. I think I gave you the wrong e-mail address so add a 'comment' to one of the articles on the blog to contact me or telephone. Hope you can make the time to come and stay at Quelebu and give me some advice, would be great to see you. I'll post some pictures of the 'fields' tomorrow.

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