mercredi 1 novembre 2006

New table

Yesterday I built a new table to go over the bath and it's chariot. Constructed from floorboards with a stained frame and decorative studs around the perimeter - it looks the part. The plan is to hinge it to the wall to make using the bath easier (but I haven't any hinges at the moment so that'll have to wait). Its a decent size so at last I can entertain. Going to start the Quelebu Pudding Club when the Rayburn is up and running.

Spent the afternoon logging a large tree that was blown in over in the storm and was blocking the path. This meant taking the Suzuki 'off road'. It's a capable little machine and not only managed to squeeze through all the tight gaps and rough terrain but also managed to pull a fully laden trailer up some formidable slopes on the way back.

Here's a few pictures of Provence.

The Gorges du Verdon


View towards Cannes from the Esterel

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Anonyme a dit…

Nice table.

Paul is coming to Morzine towards the end of March. Will you make it over in your hairdressers car for some touring?

Were thinking of doing this