lundi 19 février 2007

Alaskan mill

This morning dawned clear and sunny with fresh snow on the mountains. A quick trip to St Girons and in the expats chat room aka 'Monsieur Bricolage' I bumped into an english couple who have just moved to the neighbouring village of Soulan - Mark is from Hereford (near where I grew up). Like most brits they've come here to escape the british...but its still good to ocassionally have someone to talk english too and bitch about home!

In the afternoon I cleared up around the barn. There are three enormous chestnut trees which were felled in 1999. They're mostly off the ground and although there's some decay I think they're big enough to still have a lot of good timber left in them for the barn conversion. It's certainly more sustainable to use timber lying next to the barn than buying some in - not to mention the fact that getting bought timber to the barn would be problematic. I reckon this project alone would pay for an Alaskan mill and a s/h chainsaw with a 28" bar, a ripping chain and plenty of guts! Additionally with this bit of kit I could make more use of the hardwood trees which fall in the storms here, rather than just burning them for firewood.

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