jeudi 12 avril 2007

Settling in

The animals seem to be settling in now. A full compliment of eggs today (4) and the pigs now come running when I enter the field and will happily follow me around. The pigs now have names - Barker and Corbett. Barker is bigger and dominant, I need to build them a 'mangoire' (currently they eat off the floor) and I'll have to give it two compartments with a screen between, as he often bullies Corbett away from the food. At the moment they're 'joined at the hip' but in time they should become a bit more independent. The pigs are digging over the field - need to get them in field No 2 soon, as it could do with some rooting up of the brambles which I scythed over today.

I spoke too soon about the fox. Tonight I heard one barking in the woods. As an extra precaution I've run a single strand of electric fence around the chicken run to stop any attempts to dig under the chicken wire.

Had planned to go ski touring with Ian tomorrow but the weather has deteriorated (raining) and won't improve until Sunday. Oh well, more time to plan the trip.

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