mercredi 2 mai 2007

Fresh snow

After the rain of the last few days (and this morning) there's plenty of fresh snow on the mountains (30cm at the Port d'Aula) and it even sleeted here early this morning. By the afternoon the sun was shining again.

The pigs got their first excursion into field No 2 (or at least a part of it). It took some bribery to move them - suddenly they're reluctant to 'escape'. Last years' acorns lying under the hedges soon had them feeling more enthusiastic.

The brambles have called in reinforcements in the shape of ferns. Having dug their massive carbohydrate packed roots out of the vegetable patch I know these boys mean business! They go from breaking the soil surface, to 16" high leafed plant, in about 72 hours. If you leave it this long they're already getting woody stems. Action has to be within 48 hours when they're oh so easy to de-head. So scything is very frequent at the moment, though most mornings it's just fern patrol.

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