samedi 14 juillet 2007

Barn progress

A very long day today and probably the hottest of the year (beating the 34 degrees in January!). In the morning all the oak beams had to be cut to length and all the joints cut with saw, mallet and chisel. As the beams are so heavy this had to be done where they lay - in the hot sun. I had just finished at 4.30 having started at 7.30 when the cavalry arrived for the lifting.
Unfortunately, Philippe and Jean-Michel are both on holiday so we were only six plus Yves and Michelle who weren't up for lifting. Yves gave good advice about the technique for getting the beams on top of the wall and after some very heavy work by 7.30 we had the ring beam in place and one of the internal floor beams.
Hot and tired we called it a day but amazingly Patrick, John and Camille have promised to return tomorrow afternoon to get the last two floor beams in place. Phillipe has guests and Justin leaves for holiday. I think with some preparation and bringing my A-frame hoist into action we should manage. The two intermediate roof beams may have to wait for next weekend or some lateral thinking.

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