jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Moon halo

After a couple of weeks of cold weather, it was decidedly warmer today - typical as the local ski station opens tomorrow!

Strange atmospheric conditions tonight created this strange ring around the moon, must be some kind of diffusion effect caused by ice crystals I think. Difficult to capture on a photo - if you can't see it in the image above it's about 10-12 times the diameter of the moon.

I'm burning birch on the Rayburn at the moment (usually burn ash or oak) it burns completely leaving almost no ash but gives out very little heat. So shall save the rest for the late spring!

The cold weather has also brought some rodents into the house. Some wood mice downstairs (which fell foul of my mouse traps) and this afternoon a tiny weeny mouse no more than 3 or 4cm long was scurrying around my feet as I sat at the computer quite oblivious of me. No loires...yet!

2 commentaires :

penny a dit…

Interesting comment about the birch - we have found exactly the same thing, but if you burn, say, 2 birch logs on top of a nice burning wood like apple, it works well ...kicks out plenty of heat and leaves some coals too.

Anonyme a dit…

great pic.

Nice to see a sky without that orange glow around it!

Have a great christmas