mercredi 26 mars 2008

Chicken update

The Chickens were very quiet today, no cock-a-doodle-do, in fact at 12.00 they still hadn't ventured out of the hen house. I forced them out so they could drink and feed, but they went straight back inside afterwards. I noticed the Sussex had had her tail feathers bitten off, so that rules out a bird of prey. At 3.00 the cockerell made a faint crow from inside the hen house. The old hen I ate last night was pretty tough. I cut up the remaining cooked meat and put it in a risotto tonight.

This morning dawned fairly clear and I cleared a path above the new field no 1 extension (for a fence) and got about halfway through clearing the terrace bank before the rain arrived at about 3.00. It's snowing above about 1100m and will probably turn to snow here tonight/tomorrow morning. Friday now looks best for skiing.

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