samedi 15 mars 2008

Cap Ner, Pene Rouge and Tuc d'Eychelle

David Yeates is staying for a long weekend and despite the dodgy weather forecast for today (storms in the afternoon) we decided to get a day or at least a morning in the mountains under our belts in case the weather deteriorates.

David traversing some of the lower towers

Nearing the first summit

Some virgin snow
From the Col de la Core we climbed along the crest to the south over Cap Ner, Pene Rouge and Tuc d'Eychelle 2315m, before descending to the Col d'Aubies then due West to pick up the path between Col de la Crouzette and Col de la Core which we followed back, stopping at the Cabane d'Eychelle for lunch.

David in the deep soft snow on the way to Cabane d'Eychelle
Me breaking trail, in the centre of the photo Cabane d'Eychelle

The weather looked pretty doubtful early in the morning but the higher we got the better (sunnier) it became, although the wind was very strong particularly on the crest. Snow was soft at all altitudes which made for some heavy going. Down at lower altitudes it's murky and raining.
Santa's little helper

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