mardi 11 mars 2008

Rain and Frogs

Managed to get out for a short walk at 8.00 this morning, then an hours scything before the downpour started. It rained heavily until about 4pm when I managed to get another hour or so's work in (logging and scything). The rain was enough to put some water in the pond and let the frogs breed - though I doubt the water will stay long. The weather is brighter now and there's fresh snow above about 2000m. Here's the view from the house across Pentussa (Cominac) to Pics de Montabone and Bonrepos.

As David Yeates is out at the weekend and itching for some climbing, I might go out and check out some couloirs tomorrow.

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Anonyme a dit…

Looks great, amazing how quickly the weather changed out there.

Hopefully this worked.

Anonyme a dit…

Des français dans leur bain ?? as-tu pensé a préserver leur intimité ???