jeudi 15 mai 2008

Clean and tidy

I collected the walnut from the sawmill which had been planked for air drying. Stacking it next to the workshop was a good excuse for a tidy up. All the 'junk' piled next to the workshop was relocated or binned. The pile of old asbestos roof sheets has been cunningly camoflaged under a green tarpaulin. All the oak offcuts are going to Pont de la Taule for imminent works there. Next the ruin was tidied - ready for putting in the last gable window and rendering the blockwork. All the earth, rocks and rubbish in front of the ruin were excavated and removed and internally all the rubbish and vegetation has been flattened and the scaffolding erected. The last hazel thinnings were sawn added to the wood pile and finally everywhere has had the grass cut. Everything looks clean and tidy.
A couple of days ago Una (who has already snapped off one of her horns) managed to run into a pitch fork and rip here ankle open just above the hoof. No blood but a very deep gash - difficult to see if the damage was more than flesh e.g bone, tendon. I gave it a wash, smoothered it in antiseptic and bandaged it to prevent infection. Although the bandage has remained on she is still walking three legged. I'll have to have another look at it tomorrow and decide what to do. To call out the vet is more than the cost of a new lamb so it's a difficult decision.

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