lundi 17 novembre 2008

An odd day

Headed over to Pont de la Taule early this morning to install the windows and doors. I picked up cement from Jason's en route. Then over to Ercé to collect the windows and doors, which according to a phone call on Friday, were ready.  But the joinery shop was closed.  At Pont de la Taule (empty handed) I set-to with the continuing saga of the bathroom doorway.  I removed a few more stones but needed to remove more of the solid rock to get an acro prop in place, but the (incredibly cheap chinese) kango hammer that I recently attempted to repair, wouldn't work.  Refusing to be beaten I transferred my attention to the retaining walls - but after 30 minutes of work I dropped a huge rock on my shin when the end I was holding in my right hand snapped off.  It wasn't my day so I abandoned ship.

On the way home I dropped in on Ian and Nina who have moved into their new home in Soulan.  After a spot of lunch, as I had the trailer, I collected their freezer which hopefully I will part exchange for my smaller one. Back at Quélébu after transferring the freezer contents, it was time to butcher the half deer waiting in the workshop.  I tried a few new cuts - a boneless rolled shoulder joint and a sirloin knuckle.  It's all in the freezer now but am looking forward to some delicious winter game.  It's strange how each animal has its' own very distinct smell when you butcher it.  Something that if you buy your meat from a supermarket or butcher you are entirely unaware of. 

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