dimanche 14 décembre 2008

More snow - more skiing

There was a heavy snowfall during the night and it has continued all day. Must be well over a foot now. In the morning Paul and I went stalking for deer. We stumbled across two but they were long gone before we could do anything about it.

At lunchtime we headed over to Guzet in increasingly heavy snow and despite the poor visibility, had some great skiing in deep fresh snow. Off piste seems to be 'clicking' now, although in the video clip I'm not facing down the fall line enough. Always plenty of room to improve.

The second clip is part of the drive from the village to my house, fortunately after the snow plough had passed.

Beaucoup du neige tombait dans la nuit et il continue tout la journeé.  Plus de trente centimetres. Le matin Paul et moi faisons la chasse à pieds.  Nous avons trouvé deux chevreuils mais elles fussent parties avant nous ferions quelques chose.  le midi nous sommes arrivé à Guzet dans un tempest de neige et sans visibilité, mais du bon ski sur la neige fraiche.  Mon technique de ski hors piste ameliorer (mais pas dans le video!)

Le deuxieme video est la route à chez moi, mais après la chasse neige a passé

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Anonyme a dit…

all that snow...mental

Lee, buy some stiffer boots and get a few 1 to 1 lessons, your body position will improve and you will crank those turns.

super jealous by the way