samedi 17 janvier 2009

Field Clearance

A balmy day with the temperature in the sun 25 degrees.  There's still snow on the ground here in the shadows and as soon as the sun sets it's sub-zero.  Today I continued clearing the new upper terrace to field 1.  Still about a quarter to go.  In the photo the new terrace is between the road and the fence (you may need to double click the photo to see that) and extends as far as my barn in the distance - which still has snow on the roof.  

Un jour douce avec la temperature au soleil 25 dégrees. Il y a de la niege encore sur les côtes ombreuses, mais apres le soleil a couché il a dû inférieur de zéro. Aujourd'hui j'ai continué de dégager la terrasse au dessus pré 1. Sur le photo la terrasse est entre dans la route et la clôture, et elle s'a terminé à ma grange lointain - il y a de la neige sur le tôit encore.

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Jeremiah Johnson a dit…

Nice blog!!!! I've seen your house at the Pirineos on your other're a lucky man!!!! Enjoy!!!