mardi 26 mai 2009

Remington Model Seven

The new shaped stock awaiting finishing

I was never very satisfied with the stock on my Remington Model Seven rifle. It was too long in the forestock for a carbine length barrel, it lacked a heel on the grip, the checkering was poor and the inletting atrocious. The stock creaked because it was stressed against the action. So the plan has always been to build a new stock, I have some very nice local walnut seasoning at the moment but I can't wait until 2012 when it will be ready. So I have ordered a laminated wood blank (the stability of laminate being good for the tough conditions here). Meantime I thought I should practice my gunsmithing techniques on the old stock.

Je n'aime jamais la crosse de mon carabine Remington Model Seven. Trop longue pour le canon et la fabrication mauvaise. Je plan à remplacer avec une faire de moi avec le noyer de Quélébu qui secher en planches, mais il sera prêt d'utiliser en 2012 - je ne veut pas attender. Alors, j'ai commander une piece de bois laminée (bien pour les conditiones de chasse dur et les mauvais temps d'hiver), et quand j'attend pour le livraison j'ai décidé de practiser des techniques sur ma vieille crosse.

So over the past week I've been spending the evenings, reshaping the stock. I've shortened the forestock by 3 inches (which also meant removing the checkering), free floated the barrel, reshaped around the tang, introduced a heel, redone some of the checkering on the grip and last night I glass bedded the action (the plan is to pillar bed the action in the new stock).

Pendant ces derniers jours, j'ai passé les soirs, travailler sur la crosse - Plus court, nouvelle form, canon flotant, la mécanisme coucher sur epoxy.
Epoxy bedding around the recoil lug and tang

Still have the finishing to do on the stock and under the brown stain Remington seem to have sprayed on it (now removed), there is some lovely grain emerging. The project is coming together nicely and I'm very pleased so far. Maybe I don't need a new stock afterall?

To see the completed project click here and for a second remington model 7 project click here

Encore la finition de faire, mais ca me plait. Peut-être je n'ai pas besoin une nouvelle crosse?

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