samedi 7 novembre 2009

Mission accomplished

Having fired the Rayburn up, I remembered that one of the jobs on my list was to move a radiator from upstairs to downstairs. Since the thatching, upstairs has been too warm with two radiators, whereas downstairs could do with a bit more heat input to speed up the warming process, particularly if I've been out all day and don't light the Rayburn until five or six. Sounds a simple job but it's actually quite a job.

I had to get a few plumbing bits from St G in the morning then it was a race to see if I could get the job done before the evening. No sooner had I drained the system and cut the first pipe than the power went off. Every time the wind blows here a tree falls over - usually on the power lines. The rest of the job had to be done by candlelight. First flurries of snow this afternoon!

Anyhow, I won't bore you with the details, but 7 hours later I'm finished and as I'm refilling the system the power comes back on - perfect. Power means the central heating pump works so I can fire up the Rayburn again for a test. All works well, plus I have more wall space upstairs to spread out the furniture, guitars, etc.

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