mardi 6 juillet 2010

More hay making

After a slow morning phoning around for an osteopath appointment I finally got one for 5.00pm. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and trying to keep the back moving. The Osteopath didn't fill me with confidence but she was sure that there was no 'damage' to my back/discs etc. Purely a muscular problem which some stretching/exercises and rest should quickly sort out.

It was overcast but warm most of the day and there are three hot sunny days forecast to follow. Everyone is cutting their grass for hay, so I decided to follow suit. The sickle bar mower had it's first test and after a bit of fettling is working very well. I cut about a 1/3 of field 4 before it was dark and will make it a 1/2 early tomorrow morning. As I'll have to turn it by hand, I won't do the whole field.
I figure tomorrow it just needs spreading out and by Thursday noon when it'll need a good turning, my back should be well on the road to recovery. The baling might be more strenuous. If it all goes well, I'll pass my minimum requirement of 100 bales of hay for next winter.

Après une matinée de téléphone pour un rendez-ostéopathe, j'ai finalement eu un pour 17h00. J'ai passé la reste de la journée de détente et d'essayer de garder le dos en mouvement. L'ostéopathe ne me remplir de confiance, mais elle était sûre qu'il n'y a eu aucun dommage dans mon dos/disques purement un problème musculaire qui quelques étirements et exercices et de repos devrait rapidement régler.

Il était couvert mais chaud presque toute la journée et il y a trois journées chaudes et ensoleillées devraient suivre. Tout le monde est fauché leurs herbe pour le foin, alors j'ai décidé d'emboîter le pas. La barre du coup avait sa faucille premier essai et après un peu d'ébavurage fonctionne très bien. Je coupe environ un tier du champ 4 avant il faisait nuit et il sera un moitie demain matin. Comme je l'ai aurez à le faire tourner à la main, je ne ferai pas tout le champ.

Je me dis demain, il a juste besoin étalement et jeudi midi quand il faudra un tournant bien, mon dos doit être bien sur la voie de la guérison. La mise en balles peut-être plus intense. Si tout va bien, je vais passer mon exigence minimale de 100 balles de foin pour l'hiver prochain.

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penny a dit…

You didn't go see Line Garnier, the osteo in Massat, did you? She was as useless as a fart in the wind for me. Certainly v different to the osteos that I knew in the UK. A 'kiné' could be more suitable for problems such as yours?
Good luck - hope the back eases soon.

Lee Sharp a dit…

No I saw someone in St Girons. Guess I would prefer someone more "mechanical" and less "spiritual" - though given that the back is OK I guess there was nothing to be manipulated. Not sure how she worked that out though, as she only touched my temples and skull.

penny a dit…

Exactly the same experience I had with the osteo in Massat. Try a kiné - apparently far less airy fairy and more 'hands on' than the French 'osteo' (so Pat tells me anyway, altho' I have yet to go down that route).