samedi 11 décembre 2010


It's mid-December, there's hardly a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining, there's not a breathe of wind, the light is fantastic, the temperature has been in the mid twenties for most of the day and there's snow on the mountains. The only sounds are the sheep's bells and the distant baying of the hunter's dogs.

It's hard to imagine wanting to be anywhere else...but a new adventure is afoot. Even 6 months ago I could never have imagined it...but Love is a wonderful thing and it will never be anything but the first consideration in my life. For a period of a few years I may be dividing my time between Quelebu and another location...fingers crossed...exciting times!

C'est mi-decembre, il n'y a pas une nuage au ciel. Le soliel brille, le vent ne souffle pas, la lumiere est fantastique, le temps reste a peu pres vingt dégrées et il y a de la neige aux montagnes. Les seuls bruits sont les cloches de la brebis et les chiens du chasse.

Il est difficile d'imagine que je voudrais envie d'être ailleurs...mais une nouvelle aventure est proche. Il y a six mois je n'ai jamais pu l'imagine...mais l'amour est quelque chose merveilleux et toujours le plus important dans ma vie. Pendant quelques années je vais partager ma vie entre Quelebu et un autre pays...les temps passionnant.

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zaloette a dit…

Good morning Lee!

It's nice to read about you. Thanks for your help when answering my emails asking for advice about your experience in the Pyrénées.

I'm glad to know that life is so nice there, and I can´t deny a I'm a little bit envious about the way you decided to establish yourself there.

I wish you all the best, now that it seems that your news are even better. Please keep us updated!

Best Regards. Antonio (Zaloette)

Anne-France a dit…

Nous epérons pouvoir lire bientôt aussi "Lees Englands Adventure" !

Andy a dit…

Nice work!