samedi 4 décembre 2010

Tuc de la Coume (ski)

A beautiful bright sunny day and with my man flu almost gone I couldn't resist a first outing on the skis. Tuc de la Coume is nearby and with the snow down to 300m it was sure to be in condition. In fact there was 15-30cm of lovely cold powder on top of the old snow and it was a glorious ski.

Unfortunately I picked up the wrong rechargeable batteries for the ski-cam (the uncharged ones) so every time I tried to film the batteries cut-out...doh!

Why does you-tube mess up all the careful synchronisation of music and video images?

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Alun a dit…

Hi Lee,
I take it you went off on your own. Pleased you had good tour even if the vid did not do it justice. Chamonix could do with more base though yesterday was blue sky powder. Gonna put a set of tele bindings on my old skis until some more rocks disappear.
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