vendredi 29 juin 2012


To work with the stairs today, starting with the upper flight. When I built the oak staircase for Rupert a couple of years ago I had some some lovely prepared seasoned oak to use, but as I can't afford such a luxury for myself I'm robbing some oak from my barn. The big cill members that sit on top of the walls on the inside were green when they went in 4 or 5 years ago. Now they are beautifully dry - only they aren't at all square in section any more.
Cross section of a tread

They've bowed as they dried and now I must spend 2 hours a tread planing them back into a square section. Times like this a planer thicknesser or even an electric plane would be handy.
One face complete

Amazing how often the plane iron (blade) needs resharpening on this hard oak. Managed to get 5 treads done today. Top tread and all the risers to make, then wedges and blocks before and I can start assembling.
As usual my hands are stained purple with tanin.

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