samedi 28 juillet 2012

Mont Valier (7)

We were all very organised. Even Ruby got up without a thousand wake ups! However I didn't bring my cap....Lee stopped in the town and I found one with Bambi on! Jasper and I regularly likened our trip to Frodo and Gollum up Mount Doom.....I've never climbed so high and so arduously! Ruby and I wore a garment I fashioned from my shawl soaked in waterfall and knotted over our hair....twas soothing. We ate regularly, and much of the oat bar, consequently there was no holding me back!!I was eaten much more readily than everyone else by the mozzis and have the welts to prove it.....Ruby was most irritated but seems to have emerged unscathed.

The doge was a huge ball of good nature and dready fur such a doge!

I feel that the meal we ate at the refuge might have been my most Epicurus meal to date! It was a concoction crafted by mountain pixies, most likely. Cep and lentils....smelly, oh so smelly cheese and then the pot of chocolate gou!!!! I dreamt of terrible things and Jasper shouted out in the night telling Ruby as per usual to stop it!

The summit climb was so euphoric for Jasper and I, Rubes was a little tired but showed courage and fortitude to the love was her coach.

The descent was goddam crucifying for me and the Ru (6300ft of it in all)....we had 'laking eggs'! At one point we felt abandoned and unsure we had gone the right way....I called like the peacock but to no avail. At last the journey was coming to a close, the last bridge and then more....Lee was by that time sufferin and actually now it seems trammelled with a bug from the river, or mebe too much sun? I kept looking at him all the way back as he was sighing the way you do before you do a gigantic vomit....but he held on and we collapsed into our beds very grateful!

Susie raring to go!

More than halfway to the hut and very, very, hot!

the uphill toil... never ends!

At the refuge at last and time for a cool coke!
(apparently we can't buy any other beverage because of the Olympics)

Still more than 2000ft to go to the summit from the hut


Jasper and Ruby below the refuge

Ruby's beautiful photo

Doge! (Patou)

Misty mountains

On the summit

The happy mountaineers

Jasper finds God!

Coolin' the footsies

Ruby finds inner peace

Jasper in the Amazon

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Anonyme a dit…

jen and willow discussing how fabulouso u all look - thanks for the pics and updates - really greateful - love u - willow (aka carla) xxx

Anonyme a dit…

Jasper looks so cute and tiny and adorable!