jeudi 15 novembre 2012


Back in France. the crappy grey weather in the UK is only a few hundred feet thick - glorious sun above! The skies are wonderfully clear and from 37,000 ft there was an amazing view of the huge dome of the Massive Central and the Alps beyond several hundred miles away. Mont Blanc, the Swiss Alps and the peaks of the Ecrins were all clearly visible.

Weather here is warm, clear and sunny. Passed Ian in the car and then bumped into Minsou for a chat. Saw a purple heron for the first time on the way home too.

Today is one of the few days that the sun sets twice...once each side of Mont Valier. Fire and Rayburn are purring away to heat the house through after being shut up for the last 4 weeks...tomorrow a walk to make the most of this weather before getting down to work.

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