jeudi 28 février 2013

King pin bearings

After getting in some wood it was time to tackle replacing the king pin bearings in the car.

There are four bearings to replace, two on each side of the car and it involves completely dismantling the front hubs, brakes, CV joints, drive shaft and steering. Apart from the fact that there is still snow on the ground, all went well until the star drive socket wouldn't reach the star bolts on the free wheeling hubs. I eventually managed to grind down the shoulders on the socket so it reached.  Then the steering arm connecting bolt started spinning so I couldn't undo it. After some research I worked out it was a taper pin and once I got the jack under it, I was able to undo it.

A very messy job as everything has to be degreased then re-greased. The driver's side is done (it took 6 hours and towards the end I was lying in a puddle of melting snow, mud and grease residue) but the passenger side will have to wait until the weekend as a little more snow is due tonight and tomorrow.

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