lundi 13 janvier 2014

Yeah you know the view...but I'm not bored yet!

...and from Minsou's at Coumelary

Saturday was incredibly warm and with Ian cancelling our planned skin and ski, I decided to try to finish the tree clearance and re-fencing. It was good to be working outside in the balmy temperatures and I managed to finish most of the remaining work and clear the chemin d'Aleu which had half a dozen very large trees across it. I also re-fenced most of Paul's field a job which had been long overdue. Sunday the weather was even better and it was a shame to have to pack up and leave. I called in on Minsou on the way to the airport. Weather in the UK was dark and stormy (the same as when I left) and we had a very heavy landing at Bristol. I think with the strong gusting winds the pilot just wanted to get the plane down onto the runway!

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