dimanche 30 mars 2014

Up early this morning, two more bonfires lit, all around the house strimmed, some more fallen trees logged and tidied away. 

Both the newly cleared area down near the barn and the field in the woods were also strimmed to clear the brambles and saplings that had started to invade.

Then it was on with installing an outside light in the porch, it's been annoying me for sometime that when I have to split logs or kindling in the winter I can't see what I'm doing.

In the late afternoon I went for a stroll with camera in hand. There a lot of big trees down this winter, difficult to photograph and get a sense of the devastation, but torn and smashed oaks boughs of 50cm diameter give an indication of the forces involved when big trees fall.

With the warm weather there are many flowers - it's very early but is it worth a look for Morels?


 cuckoo flower


 early purple orchid


 stellarium nemorum


 sedge (not sure which)



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