mardi 27 mai 2014

A walk to Cabane Subera

After an evening by the fire and a glorious sleep last night, we awoke to low cloud. I set to work on strimming the knee high grass and by 10.00 the cloud had dissipated. Susie threw together a packed lunch and we set off for a walk in the mountains.

The mid mountain path from the Col de la Core to Cabane Subera fitted the bill and kept us just below the snow line and in amongst the wild flowers.

At Subera a hunting dog befriended us, we assumed he belonged to the builders renovating the Cabane, but after he followed all the way back to Col de la Core we weren't so sure. There were no numbers on his collar and he certainly seemed to be in good health and well fed. Difficult to know what to do, but we decided it was better to leave him to return to the Cabane or his home. Even he had been lost the day before, at least the Col would be the starting point for his owner looking for him.

2 commentaires :

gabriele gray a dit…

The dog in the photo reminded me of a post by another Ariege blogger...
It's a horribly depressing story so keep from the children...but it could be the dog was not lost, but abandonned...I hope it's the former and not the latter..

Lee Sharp a dit…

Horrific :(