lundi 19 mai 2014

Jurassic Coast

A hot lazy day on South Milton Sands on Saturday and I caught a reasonable sized and very colourful wrasse from Dominic's canoe. It made some nice Thai fish cakes, but they're not the most flavoursome or easy to prepare fishes, so next time I catch one I'll put it back.

Today was our 2nd wedding anniversary and as the weather didn't seem too bad, Susie and I headed off for Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast for a bit of an explore.  The tide was in at Lyme and so after a stroll along the beach and a coffee we headed to Charmouth

Here the soft grey Jurassic limestone is alive with fossils (apparently). We got told to keep away from the cliff by a warden because they'd had some rock falls recently. I did find a little pyrites ammonite in the end but alas it broke when I got it home and tried to clean it.

Then it was on to West Sands at Bridport for a spot of fishing, but a thunderstorm rolled in after a couple of minutes so that was that.

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