dimanche 15 juin 2014

Back in France

Back in France for a site meeting with the contractor (RDM) who is building Gilbert Coron's Barn. The SMDEA are causing me lots of problems as I've been trying to get the water connected there since last February and all I get is excuses. Hopefully I can progress things tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to Pamiers to buy the new window for the dormer and stopped in to see Donna en route. When I got back I split and stacked the wood from the fallen tree that I cleared up on my last visit and in the evening met our new neighbour Virginie who has bought the house next to John and Sandrine's. She seems very nice.

Today I built the new oak frame (cadrement) for the dormer window that I'll be building in July and stained the new window.

And finally...some birdies.

 get that worm!


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