samedi 1 novembre 2014

Mont Valier (8)

With only a couple of days of the amazing weather left I decided to head up Mont Valier from the Col de Pause. I left at 7.40 just as the first rays of sunshine were hitting the mountain.

I reached the Port d'Aula in 1hr 20. The vague path after Col de la Tinderelle has been wiped away by avalanches and the tricky section before Petit Valier was more difficult than I remembered (think I descended to much to the right). There was still frost on the ground through this section as it wasn't in the direct sunshine, but nevertheless I never needed more than shorts and tee-shirt all day - even on the summit!

Cuns d'Aula just before the Port d'Aula

Telephoto shot of the Aiguilles de Trevessani far in the distance

The col at 2600m which leads to the tricky section before Petit Valier

Looking down the Couloir de Peyre blanc

As I neared the summit I noticed there was already someone there, laying out a parapente. Film below is his take-off!

I reached the summit in just 3hrs 45 (my second quickest time). I had the summit to myself for 25 minutes then 3 other climbers arrived, the only people I saw all day. After an hour lunching in the sun I started my descent.

With tired legs I was extra careful on the tricky section and eventually took longer on the descent than on the ascent (4hrs 10).

The way down through Spain leading to the Port d'Aula


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