samedi 31 janvier 2015


Snowing hard in the Pyrénées this weekend with snow falling all next week according to Meteo France. I'm still in Devon until next weekend and itching to ski!

I've finally decided to get a ski helmet and chose the Giro Montane. Lightweight (about 350g), with vents to keep your goggles clear of fogging, openable vents to keep your head cool on the up and neat system for strapping it to your rucksack using the rear goggle retaining strap and a natty little carabiner (supplied and stowed on the strap). Fits very securely and comfortably. I got a black one - only because it was way cheaper than any other colour.

This week I've glazing in an irregularly shaped courtyard at the rear of a shop. Lots of rendering and lead work at the edges, not helped by appalling weather on Thursday - always the way with roofing.

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