mardi 29 septembre 2015

Gite underway

Back to Quélébu and at last ready to start on the barn transformation into a gite. Autumn is coming and the leaves are just starting to turn and drop their leaves. First up, some photos for Susie of her summer planting...all doing well.

Elsewhere, there are the usual profusion of autumn crocuses and plenty of mushrooms - orange bay bolettes, chanterelles, hedgehog of the woods and horn of plenty.

Before the barn works can start I've been burning 4 out of 5 of the huge bonfires from the tree felling in August and cutting, splitting and stacking the wood. Then the ground floor of the barn was emptied of the thatch (about 120 bundles) and the sheep pens were dismantled. A trip to St Girons to collect the oak for the window and door surrounds, hassle the notaire (still haven't exchanged on Pont after 6 months!) and chase the water board (SMDEA) for a quote.

Weather is warm and sunny but with clouds building every afternoon/evening.

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