mercredi 30 septembre 2015


A light dusting of snow overnight on Mont Rouch

Logging from yesterday almost complete

Today I busy, busy, busy. I started by building the window frame for the first window in the barn. Mortice and tenon joints and a stooled cill. Then I did a bit of thinning out of the hedges in readiness for hedge laying, starting behind the wood store where several ash trees were getting rather close to the H.T. electricity wires.

Then it was down to the barn to install the window frame. I managed to go in from the outside and get the frame in. 

Knocking through proved more difficult, as the stones weren't as well placed for the opening and there were several colapses! Eventually I got a second oak lintel in place, but tomorrow I'll need to get sand and lime and start rebuilding the wall before there are anymore!

A beautiful sunset tonight. Have lit a fire for the first time this evening.

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