samedi 9 janvier 2016

Sun at last

Yesterday, the weather was poor so I varnished some of the internal doors, then tried to fix the intermittent ABS problem on the suzuki - must be a broken wire between the sensor and the fuseboard but the sensors are rusted into the hubs and the bolts are made of tin - they'll have to be drilled out...might have to take it to the garage. No luck with passing on my books, so they had to go to recycling - I hate throwing books out.

After a couple of days of rain and grey and the mountains playing "peek-a-boo" the skies finally cleared today and by mid morning it was a balmy day. 

As the snows are late this year I had the chance to give the remaining fields their "short cut and sides".

Next from offcuts in the house and wood shed I built a couple of saw-horses...god knows how I managed to build the house with any!

The final job before dark was to move the 4 steres of fire wood below the barn which were in the way of future drainage works.

Here's the rug Susie x.

3 commentaires :

gabriele gray a dit…

Have you consider donating the books to Emmaus on your way to the airport? They accept books

Lee Sharp a dit…

I think the one in St Gaudens (not really on my way) is being refurbished, but I didn't realise there was one in Labarthe-sur-leze also. Next time I'll know. Nearly all the books were in English and mostly about Architecture and Urban Design, relics from my professional training!

gabriele gray a dit…

Not in your area but the Cancer support group in Aude has a regular book sale with donations...lots of expats who buy books in English. I read (and reread) Morse's Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings (multiple printings) because I love perceiving what is discussed (and like the Japanese esthetic. Found an old Australia text for students, The Australian Carpenter (circa 1960s) well done...we had it until it was given to a carpenter who coveted it.
Who knows what values and virtues someone else might find in your no-longer-wanted books?
On the other hand, you might check out Emmaus (on your way from the UK) to see if there's anything there you could use.