mercredi 6 janvier 2016


Back to France in time to take the latest ham out of the salt and start to air dry it. The amazing weather seems to have ended with my arrival and wintry showers are the order of the day. Snow in the mountains but rain here at Quelebu.

The wood for the extension won't be delivered until Monday which only gives me 3 days to build. I think I may have to resort to cutting everything to size ready for later assembly, especially given the weather forecast.

An odd day today - after visits from John and Hanno, a trip to St Girons to give surplus books to the secondhand book shop, but the owner wasn't in, then I went to the DDT but they were closed today, then onward to Cazalé to get wood for a new front door, but there was no room in the car (because it was still full of books). A visit to Minsou on the way back and by the time I got home the Rayburn was out and the house not so warm.

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