mardi 23 février 2016

Gambia part 1

For Susie's half century I organised a holiday of a lifetime (shoe horned into half term) to Gambia and Senegal. It would be Susie's first visit to Africa and only my second. The first part of our stay was in Gambia with 3 nights at the amazing Mandina Lodges situated on a mangrove lined creek. The birdlife in Gambia is amazing and this is one of the best places to see them. On the whole 9 day trip we saw and identified over 50 species.

At Mandina as well as lazing around by the pool, we did a open canoe trip through the mangroves to a nearby village and a walk through the jungle during which we saw a huge monitor lizard.

A huge tree

female beautiful sunbird

white crowned robin chat

male beautiful sunbird

children of the smiling coast

pied kingfishers

unknown fruit bats hanging over the tables of the alfresco dining area

Western grey plantain eater

White throated bee-eater

unwanted bathroom guest

In the mangrove jungles around the lodges were two troops of baboons each about 200 strong. Occasionally they would try to storm the property only to be chased away by the dogs. It was amazing to witness their social structure and behaviour when we stumbled across them on walks.

baboon - adult

baboon - child

baboon -baby

yellow crowned gonolek

Susie soaking up the equatorial heat

Abyssinian rollers

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