samedi 5 mars 2016

Phantom leg

The weather is very changeable at the moment, some days the sun is out and it's 25 degrees, then the next day it's snowing and raining and there's a bitter wind. I have to press on regardless. Yesterday I was in agony, I couldn't move my right leg forward of my body or towards my centre at all, I thought I'd definitely torn something. I managed to keep going, dragging the immobilised leg behind me as I ascended the ladders and hobbled about. Putting my boots on and off and sitting was incredible painful. Then today it's miraculously much better! Weird, though my upper abdominals are tight as a drum from compensating...particularly hammering in nails from the roof ladder on the wrong side of my body because I could only bare to stand on the straightened dead leg.

Whether the weather is sunny, snowy or raining the mud remains and it's getting worse and worse. Everything is covered in it and the path to the barn is getting like a mudslide - I hate mud.

Slowly things are coming together though. Dinner at John and Sandrine's tonight which was lovely, though I'm probably not great company as I can hardly keep my eyes open!

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gabriele gray a dit…

Isn't dead leg something footballers get? Didn't understand it first time I heard about it, was told they just have to wait on it....
MUD! Even when rain is needed, mud is not; while it's sucking you in it's also sucking needed energy out of you. Unless you're a potter or plasterer then it's needed.
Good progress, though. The gite is developing a nice form, reflecting the main house.