jeudi 3 mars 2016

Weather luck ends

Tuesday dawned bright and clear, but I knew it wouldn't last.

I'd arrived at about midnight on Monday and the house was cold and devoid of anything to eat. Rather than head into St Girons for provisions, I had a black coffee and launched into the roofing. By 4 o'clock I had one half of the roof insulated and counter-battened, at last I could get something to eat! Since then the weather has been wintry. Strong winds, torrential rain and snow showers - not ideal. I've felted and battened two walls, fitted the last OSB panels, stocked the house with firewood and made some modifications to the kitchen in the house to accept a new larger fridge.

                                       Fridge niche raised...                     ...but had to lose the lowest shelf
Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day until mid afternoon, so I'm hoping to get the other half of the roof completed to similar state. That would leave the veranda construction, roof felting, battens and window fitting to get things more or less watertight. Possible, but the rain is predicted to turn to snow.

I also seem to have a groin strain, symptoms seem identical to a torn satorius I had about 15 years ago - when seated I can't lift my right leg off the floor...trying to keep everything moving with gentle stretches and a hot waterbottle.

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