lundi 11 avril 2016

It's been a few years since I've seen a Hoopoe at Quélébu, but after our sighting at Col de Viele Mort last week, yesterday I saw one here too. I almost trod on it but then it flew away into the high branches and resolutely refused to come closer for a photo.

I was looking at the caravan and assorted rubbish left by last year's "margineaux" visitors and thinking of asking the Mairie when they could clear it up, but today before I'd had a chance to ask, the Maire and M. Durand were there starting to remove it. 

The return of the South wind and high pressure has brought back the sun and warmer temperatures, together with the butterflies.

I'm sure the morel mushrooms are coming. I made a long walk yesterday, but there was no sign yet.

A visit from Minsou and her daughter, arriving with a puncture - fortunately I was on hand to change the wheel. Paul also came to inspect the works which are pressing on - insulation and flooring underway.

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