samedi 9 avril 2016

Cladding finished...almost

It's taken a couple of days to finish the larch cladding - the first day was interrupted by having to restock the house with firewood, tidying the workshop and frequent snow showers.  Rain late this afternoon but tonight the South wind re-establishes itself and we have a return to warm sunny weather - just in time fo me to have to work inside of course!


2 commentaires :

gabriele gray a dit…

The larch cladding is wonderful, we don't have that here and I can see why it's a choice for such uses. I imagine it will become more beautiful as it ages. It (and the new addition) has so changed the
stone building from a nice place to something which transforms its environment.
Are you going to use slate on the new roof? It looks so good on the main house. A great balance of organics.

Lee Sharp a dit…

The larch goes silver grey on North and West faces but seems to keep it's red on south and East. Yes slate on the roof in diminishing courses, I'm using the left overs from the house - I have just enough.