mardi 5 avril 2016


A trip to the Vide Grenier at St Lizier on Sunday where Susie and Ruby found some clothes and I got a "Suffolk" push mower for 10 euros.

Cladding has been put on hold for a few days, whilst I assembled the flat packed stair. It's slightly out of sequence but I knew the stair would need many hands to manoeuvre.

Because the stair has two sets of winders and is enclosed on three sides by walls, assembly is a sod. In the end I pre-assembled three main parts, before these were joined together with the last few treads and the newels in-situ. All rather awkward and requiring the help of all the family before they leave on Wednesday. 

Handrails will go up once I've caught up with the insulation, 1st fix electrics and plasterboarding.

2 commentaires :

gabriele gray a dit…

So photo 4 from today is the area shown in photo 3 of Phantom Leg? It
looks so much larger from inside. The two stacked windows bring in a lot of light. What's the gite's alignment--which way do the windows face?
Congratulations on the mower, looks in great shape, and the price! Being a curious person, I looked it up and found one for sale in Ontario, CA: (has the grips but the shape isn't as good)
I hope the ladies' shopping was as successful.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Yes to the photo question. The original barn door and kitchen window faces slightly east of South (they'll be a deck outside here), the large window and porch face slightly South of West, so the gable end with the two stacked windows faces roughly North. The big window in the gable has a nice view down the field - will probably post some photos once I've finished the cladding (tomorrow if the weather behaves).