dimanche 22 mai 2016

Assainissiment, joints, placoplatre, arbres, l'eau et l'éléctricité

It's been all go with the (unscheduled) arrival of Jean-Marc Sentenac to install the fosse septique and services. In two days almost everything is in place with just the cables to be pulled and the excavations to be refilled. In addition we've installed the water main, moved pile of huge chestnut tree trunks and felled and removed the large dead chestnut.

Inside the gite I've finished 95% of the plasterboarding, completed all the pointing and just a some first fix plumbing to do before Susie and I can start the chaux-chanvre on Monday week.

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gabriele gray a dit…

One word: W O W!
This just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for the next installment!