samedi 4 juin 2016

After finishing the first coat of chaux chanvre in the main room of the gite and with it being Susie's last day here, we decided to go for a walk on Thursday afternoon. Sandrine was back from her photography exhibition in Paris, so she and Deetcha (the dog) joined us.

We headed up to Les Courtals on the ridge opposite the house, then followed the watershed through Coumes and along the Serre de Rapheau, passing the Col de Sausech before descending to the stream which drains the valley around Aliou. A short climb up to Galas d'en bas (where a couple of houses have been beautifully restored recently) and then Galas d'en haut, before passing close to Coumarba, heading to the little grange above Bosc de la Coste. From here we descended to the Ruisseau below Quelebu and rather than climb back to there we headed on a more or less straight line through the woods to Pinsou and a well earned glass (or two) of wine and devoured John's "bombay mix" much to his chagrin.

 Spiked Rampion

 On the Serre de Raphaeu

 Acacia blossom everywhere

 Galas d'en bas

 Meadow flowers

After taking susie back to the airport it was on with some concrete mixing for the entrance porch, interrupted by a very brief thunderstorm.

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