dimanche 5 juin 2016

After taking Susie back to the airport there was just time to shutter and pour the concrete for the porch slab, which got rid of the last of the gravel and sand stacked in front of the barn.

After finishing the last of the first coat chaux-chanvre in the entrance and bathroom I tried my hand at some second coat with a much smoother finish. Not easy to get the surface compact and smooth without pulling the bits of chanvre from the surface, but overall I'm pleased. Think I might need to make a slurry of chaux to wash over the surface to fill some of the tiny holes.

Phil and I have been pressing on the last few days...slowly we're getting the walls covered but it's slow and tiring work...too much of the same thing everyday can be hard. Mother of all rainstorms this evening that has given the barn a moat.

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