samedi 1 octobre 2016


Some cooler weather this weekend after glorious weather all last week, but sunshine returns on Monday.

The garage is now concreted up to the road and on Friday we shifted 6 trailer loads of manure from Galas d'en Haut to the potager. Although only across the valley, it's a 25 minute trip each way. We tried the short cut via Le Sarrach, Moulin d'Aleu and Galassus - which was a bit of an adventure as the track along the river to the Moulin was deep mud...we made it through the but the car was plastered and we decided not to risk it in the uphill direction towing 600kg of manure in the trailer. A couple more loads tomorrow should do it.

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gabriele gray a dit…

Great start on a good garden. A good wintering-over should see a real transformation come spring...
On another note, just read about this in the Aude Flyer:
"Did you know that it’s possible to have someone send you an 11kg box of goodies via a pre-booked Parcelforce via with a payment of £16.55 and it arrive at an Aude village address 48 hours after you drop it off at a UK Post Office?"
Of course who knows what Brexit will do to that deal...