jeudi 22 décembre 2016

Tuc l'Adosse

It's been a while since the last post...the weather has remained clear and sunny during the day and cold at night (-1 to -3). After a quite a few days of administrative chores - controle technique, re-registering the mitsubishi, fitting winter tyres, selling the jimny, etc - work has once again resumed on the gite. 

Ruby arrived on the 12th having finished her first term at the University of the West of England and has been resting and generally being spoiled. 

Snow is greatly deficient at the moment and so walks are having to replace skiing. Today we went up Tuc l'Adosse (1669m) from the Col de la Trappe and Sandrine came along too. Interesting views from this last ridge before the mountains. 

Looking down on Le Trein Ustou

Possibly an immature golden eagle being mobbed by a smaller hawk

Lunch on the summit of Picou (1628m) 

The only difficulty on the route, the short scramble up Pic de Quer Martit in the background

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