mardi 24 janvier 2017

Tuc de la Coume (ski)

Tuc de la Coume mini adventure from Lee Sharp on Vimeo.

The forecast was for a sunny day but this morning the mist was cold and took some motivating to get Susie ready to get out but in the end we threw some kit in the car and headed for Cominac. The route to the Col de Vielle Morte was deep in snow and we had to stop a few miles before it as even the pinin couldn't make headway. After a long march along the piste forestiere we eventually reached the col and started the climb upto Tuc de la Coume. 

When we reached the open hillside (about 1.45 pm) Susie waited (she was in snowshoes) and I headed up towards the summit on skies. The sun was hot and the snow was transforming very quickly. About 50m below the summit I decided it was time to descend before the fresh snow turned to porridge. A lovely ski down on tired legs.

I skied down through the trees and fields, whilst Susie followed the path of our ascent...I descended too far then had to skin back up and in the confusion Susie and I missed each other at the rendezvous. Susie got back to the car before me and was alarmed that I wasn't there already - meantime I had waited at the rendezvous point, then reascended looking for Susie, before noticing her snowshoe prints descending. Eventually we met up at the car...all's well that ends well.

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