lundi 16 janvier 2017


All yesterday the snow fell. By night fall it had intensified and at 11.00pm we were forced to clear the snow from the polytunnel roof whilst wearing headtorches. By the time we'd reached the far end of the roof, there was already another 1/2 inch settled where we had began. 

Snow at 10.00 pm yesterday

There was no let up during the night and at 4.00am the electricity began to flick on and off. Outside the electricity cables were huge sausages of snow thicker than a shot-putters thigh and each isolator had collected so much snow that every pole was topped with a lolly pop of snow the size of a dustbin. I began to fear that structural damage was a short time away. From the house we can only just see the top of the polytunnel - it was still there, so it hadn't colapsed yet! At 5.00am the snow was still falling perhaps another 12 inches had fallen overnight...there was nothing I could do so I rolled over and went back to sleep. At 7.00am it stopped. Warm air had arrived and began to rain. The rain was heavy and it soon lubricated the snow slid from the cables and polytunnel roof - a reprieve!

Snow this morning, absorbing the rain

The forecast is for more snow today once the band of rain has passed and little tomorrow before the sun returns

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