vendredi 17 février 2017


Far too many pancakes at the Mairie, but the sun shone. In fact the sunshine has been glorious this past week with temperatures in the sun in the mid-20's. The seeds are germinating in the polytunnel, but we are in desperate need of 4 m3 of topsoil, which is proving difficult to find.

The last of the floor tiling is now complete, which is lucky as the disc cutter died a minutes later.

Upstairs is also ready for furnishings.

Whilst the adhesive on the last set of laid tiles was drying, we made the most of the sun with some tree felling (to open up the view towards Valier and for firewood) and testing the mulcher/chipper we bought last summer, making mulch for the floor of the polytunnel and the organic garden.

As usual hepatica are the first wild flowers in bloom.

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