dimanche 26 mars 2017

Quélébu Grange

We're open for business from the 1st April with a listing on "Air bnb". Another big shop tomorrow to get the last items for the inside, decking for the terrace arrives on Tuesday and electricity is connected on Wednesday. Exhausted!

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gabriele gray a dit…

From the results so far I well understand the exhaustion but when I look at it I marvel at the transformation (as part of me always remembers the photo of its original state) and I have to think that there must be an almost overwhelming sense of pleasure and accomplishment.

Lee Sharp a dit…

I think that might come when the exhaustion has subsided and we have some bookings!!

gabriele gray a dit…

Can you list it on the Aleu site? https://www.lescommunes.com/location-aleu-09005.fr.html
Do you have to pay to be listed here? http://www.tourisme-occitanie.com/ (only 3 shown for Aleu area, none like yours).
http://www.ariege.com/hebergements/gites-et-meubles I don't know what they charge to be listed but it's in both French & English. I've used it when I stayed in Ariege and have recommended it often on Thorn Tree (Lonely Planet) for those visiting the Pyrenees.
A friend who often joined me from Amsterdam needed a break from uni work (PhD) so I took him here http://www.ariege.com/que-visiter-en-ariege/sites-insolites/jardin-de-pierres also http://www.archilibre.org/inspiration/jardin_de_pierre/geants.html Just what he needed I left him to explore on his own. There is magic in the world and a goodly supply in the Pyrenees.
Your own photography is wonderful (I use some for meditation) but here's a great site which might encourage people to stay with you and explore other areas in Ariege: http://www.photosariege.com/
If you like Early Music, in August Roquefixade has a programme every year http://www.roquefixade.fr/index.htm
And since you do such great stone work you might want to visit the hamlet of Marc, up from Auzat...all stone houses up the hillside, steps and paths, not streets